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We’re people
of the corn!


Open for Takeout & Delivery

Here comes
The plantain!

Try our new Tapitajada Plantain Special and enjoy the tropics all around!

Welcome home,
Welcome to tapita’s



We bring you the perfect fast food, fast food to enjoy, made on time, flavorful and traditional, a different, perfect way to try the Venezuelan Arepa.  

What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Order yours now!

Ready to party!
Ready to go!

Tapita's are a great choice for party snacks, and it’s always fun to be ready to have a good time.

Let’s get the party started!


Are you down for 
The tres marias?

Choose your perfect combination.
Enjoy it; it is always
crusty and flavorful.

This is one of our favorite
You can choose yours!

We call this beauty Agüita e’ sapo trio, which is perfect For you to try. It is prepared with succulent shredded pork and deep-fried cheese and ready to be bathed with delicious pork broth; you Should try it! This is not just food but an experience!

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